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Start coding the future

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Deploy a single infrastructure for collecting, processing and distributing dynamic data. From any given source in real-time.

Develop advanced data applications, potentially reducing the amount of code by 85%

Start, stop, change and combine any data application in any digital domain in run time, with just a Single Line of Code (SLoC).

DimML – Declarative ‘in motion’ Machine Language

DimML is an intuitive declarative language designed to reduce development time to a minimum allowing data streams to be harnessed for the next stage of the business process simply and efficiently. With DimML, you can express and instruct what a program should accomplish, rather than describing how it should be accomplished. So the genius is in its simplicity; making programming very intuitive.

DimML is deployed as a computational framework. It is a complete solution that meets the challenges of today’s data-driven world where success is based on the combination of variety, velocity and volume. DimML delivers V3 Technology.

Managing Data Flows Effectively and Efficiently

Meet the core requirements to manage variety, velocity and volume

Implement as a Cloud Based technology in a simple way

Deploy scalable Enterprise Level Solutions

Address the needs for present and future Big Data demands

Start DimMLing TODAY


In 3 easy steps

DimML is designed to make life easier. Therefore, the activation of the DimML platform on your website is a three-step process that only takes a few minutes.

Update your web site

Add a SLoC to every page of your website to activate the platform to start receiving data.

Create a DimML file

Create a file using your favourite text editor and paste the code you will receive from us.

Upload the DimML file

And that’s it, now you are ready to start coding the future…

Single Line of Code

The use of the DimML programming language enables you to run any data solution on any website by implementing only a Single Line of Code (SLoC). Whether it is a recommendation engine, a secured business intelligence environment or a bid management solution, this SLoC is the only thing that needs to be added to the site:

(function(){ var a=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0], b=document.createElement('script'); b.async=!0;b.src='//'; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b,a); })();

Next, pick your data solution and enjoy the possibilities of simple, secure and sustainable data operations.

Be part of a growing community

The DimML community grows and grows. Data scientists and developers from all over the world use the language to conquer complex big data challenges. They use it to put their own revolutionary data ideas into practice and to unlock the true commercial potential of their creations.
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Data science for everyone and everything

DimML Meetup

If you see yourself doing great things with Big Data, it is good to know there is a very easy way to build applications and fuel them with the exact types of data they need. It is called DimML and does not take lengthy implementations or big investments. It is a unique data flow language designed to give bright data minds like yourself the freedom to leverage data every way you can.

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